[Mixtape] Dday One / In Session #16

Dday Oneによる無料ミックス・シリーズの『In Session #16 』が公開されました!


Track List:
Dday One – Startime
Ital Tek- Pixel Haze
Long Arm – Perfect Morning (Dday One Remix) – www.projectmooncircle.com/releases/130
Violent Mood – Jazz Lessons (dustedwax.org)
Diplo – Untitled
Scuba – In 2
The Herbaliser feat. Twin Peaks – Zero Hill
Kidsuke – Mooooooon (www.projectmooncircle.com/releases/128)
Two Finger – Snap
Mantronix – Sing A Song (Break it Down)
Latyrx- Storm Warning
On Unit – Le Singe (www.omunit.com)
Gangstarr – Peace of Mine
Time Overdose – Nothing You Wanted (soundcloud.com/time-o-d)
Dj Scientist – World Of Stone (www.e-q-x.net/releases/eqx042)
Pixelord – Been Lookin
Comptons Most Wanted – Growing Up In The Hood
The Prodigy / Kool Keith – Diesel Power
Padmo (of 40 Winks) – Bird Watch
Jon Kennedy- The Last Metro link Home
Los Twangers – Back To Sonra



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